June 4, 2023

GROWING STRONG IN GOD’S PEACE God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 26 Romans 5:6-11 ❧ June 4, 2023 I think one of our favorite words as Americans is “security.” Everyone wants to be secure. We want job security so one day we can retire. When we retire, we’ll want our Social Security. And in the […]

May 21, 2023

WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT THE BELIEVER’S BAPTISM Baptism Message ❧ Part 1 of 1 Selected Passages ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney Good morning!  This morning we have a number of people who are going to be baptized.  They’re excited and we’re excited for them!  I thought this would be a good occasion to talk about […]

May 14, 2023

UNSEEN GREATNESS Mother’s Day ❧ Part 1 of 1 1 Samuel 1:1-28 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney Happy Mother’s Day!  This last week I read some myths of motherhood.  I thought I’d share them with you. Somebody said that a child is carried in its mother’s womb for nine months. Somebody does not know that […]

May 7, 2023

HOW TO HAVE PEACE WITH GOD (2 of 2) God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 25 Romans 5:3-5 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney Have you ever watched a baby chick being hatched? The process is slow and painful.  For a time they struggle and strain pecking at the hard shell holding them hostage.  Then they […]

April 30, 2023

HOW TO HAVE PEACE WITH GOD (1 of 2) God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 24 Romans 5:1-2 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney A number of years ago our insurance company informed us that they were discontinuing their business with us due to an internal restructuring of the company.   Always thinking ahead, my wife […]

April 23, 2023

A FAITH WORTH BELIEVING God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 23 Romans 4:17-25 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney             More than sixty years ago Russian cosmonauts orbited the earth for the first time spending a little more than 108 minutes in space.  They came back with their thumbs under their suspenders bragging: We have been […]

April 9, 2023

GOD’S GREAT QUESTION Resurrection Sunday ❧ 1 of 1 Matthew 28:1-10 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney Left on a sinking ship were the captain and three sailors. The captain spoke first. “Men, this business about a captain going down with his ship is nonsense. There’s a threeman life raft on board and I’m going to […]

April 7, 2023

The Crucifixion John 19:16-42 With Dr. Bret Shillingstad                  B .      The Psalms. V.   Parallels with the Passover        A. The events of the Passover are recorded in Exodus 12.  Passover parallels:               1. Jesus died at […]

Mar 26, 2023

HOW GOD SPELLS GRACE: ACCEPTANCE (2 of 2)God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 22Romans 4:13-16 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney One of the conversations I seem to have more than any other lately is around the growingexpectancy of Christ’s soon return. And for good reason. God gives us a number of signs in HisWord of […]

Mar 19, 2023

HOW GOD SPELLS GRACE: ACCEPTANCE (1 of 2) God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 21 Romans 4:1-12 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney             If you’re a Major League Baseball fan, you’re probably familiar with the name Keith Hernandez. Keith is one of America’s baseball legends. He’s a lifetime 300 hitter who has won numerous Golden […]

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