Nov 27, 2022

THE WONDER OF GOD’S WORD (1 of 2) Romans: God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 15 Romans 3:1-2 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney If I were to ask you, “Do you believe the Bible is God’s Word?” My guess is that most of us would say without a moment’s hesitation, “Absolutely!”  If what you say […]

Oct 13, 2022

WAITING ON THE LORD – JIM CHAVEZ 11/13/2022When I was up here a few weeks ago, I told you that I had a topic for a message that I felt Godwas trying to teach me. Both Star and I. I told you that this has been a challenging season oflife for us. I referred to […]

Nov 5, 2022

GOD’S BLUEPRINT FOR THE NATIONS The book of Daniel ❧ Part 1 of 1 Daniel 2:24-49 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney This morning I want to talk to you about God’s Blueprint for the Nations.  People are clamoring for answers trying to make sense of what is happening in our world.  They’re looking for someone […]

Oct 23, 2022

Contending for the Faith Jim Chavez – 10.23.22 When John asked if I was willing to preach and if there was anything God was teaching me that I might want topreach on, I said yes and yes. “Yes”.. I was willing and “Yes”.I wanted to preach on “Waiting on the Lord!” I’ve been doing a […]

Oct 12, 2022

Romans 13 and unlimited submission to government Exegesis and Application By: Dan Fisher Found on “No government is to be submitted to, at the expense of that which is the sole end of all government – the common good and safety of society.” Pastor Jonathan Mayhew, 1749 “A slavish submission to tyranny is a proof of […]

Oct 9, 2022

EXPOSING THE DARK SIDE OF RELIGIONGod’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 14Romans 2:17-29 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney Open with me to Romans 2. This morning marks the fourteenth week we’ve been in the bookof Romans. Up to this point, we’ve covered a meager one-and-a-half chapters (48 verses in all). Ifyou’ve been with us during […]

Oct 2, 2022

GOD’S WARNING TO THE SELF-CONVINCED MORALIST (2 of 2) God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 13Romans 2:5-16 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney A little more than three weeks ago, on September 16, trusted researcher George Barna spokeat a Family Research Council event in Atlanta Georgia. Barna warned that “America is a nation incrisis” because its […]

Spet 25, 2022

GOD’S WARNING TO THE SELF-CONVINCED MORALIST God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 12Romans 2:1-4 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney This morning we’re going to look at Romans 2:1-4. As I was preparing for this message, I wasreminded of the humiliating scene found 2 Samuel 12. This unhappy scene immediately followsDavid’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba and […]

Spet 11, 2022

UNDERSTANDING GOD’S WRATH (2 of 2) God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 11 Romans 1:24-32 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney What is happening in our world? That’s the predominant question I think everyone is asking one way or another.  It seems everywhere we look the world is falling apart at a bewildering pace.  Many of […]

Spet 4, 2022

UNDERSTANDING GOD’S WRATH God’s Invitation to Grace ❧ Part 10 Romans 1:18-23 ❧ Pastor, Dr. John Denney More than a hundred years ago British newspaper, The Times, invited various writers to answer the universally plaguing question: What is wrong with the world?  They didn’t have to wait long for an answer.  Well-known writer, thinker, and […]