January 9, 2022

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR TIME New Year’s Message ❧ Part 2 of 2 Can you believe today already marks the ninth day of the new year? Time is flying by! Time, wrote Llyod Cary, is significant because it is so rare. It is completely irretrievable. You can never repeat it or relive it…It travels […]

Good Friday

WHAT HELD JESUS ON THE CROSS? I’ve read somewhere there are over 385 different kinds of crosses. The history of the cross is as diverse as it is ancient. Yet, the cross of Jesus Christ is unlike any other. No other cross has had such a profound and pronounced impact on our world. It is […]

Radio Ministry

Today’s Christian Country Radio Station KYMS 89.9 FM. Pastor John is on the radio Monday through Friday at 8:00am and 4:00pm  The station is located in Hayden, Idaho and is a listener supported non-profit Christian radio station.